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Cash for Junk Cars is a military-family owned and operated business that started up in 1996 as A. Mr. Junk Car Removal LLC.  We grew into a well-known junk car removal company in Northern Virginia and in 2011 evolved into a partnership as JP Towing LLC t/a Cash for Junk Cars Towing.

Cash for Junk Cars is licensed as a Vehicle Removal Operator by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  This enables our company to legally tow your junked, abandoned, unwanted, wrecked or impounded vehicle to a salvage yard. If your vehicle is impounded, it goes to our impound lot for 30 days before being released to the entity who owns it. Every Vehicle Removal Operator (a.k.a. junk car removal business) must have a physical location for their business along with DMV and county zoning permits to operate.

Why does this all matter to you, the consumer? Because you deserve to know the facts before being fooled by illegally operating companies who are not licensed to remove your vehicle.  They often "claim" to give you the most cash for your vehicle, repair it and then resell it for a lot more!  When Cash for Junk Cars Towing picks up your vehicle, it goes directly to one of the local salvage yards.

And to top it off, all of our drivers hold a current Towing Operator's License issued by The Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) which requires a background check.  This is mandatory for ALL tow truck operators in Virginia.

Year after year, Cash for Junk Cars Towing continues to provide the top prices for your junk vehicle, along with the best customer service and on-time scheduling.  Call us today to schedule a pick-up!  571-221-5466